Friday, May 2, 2008

TGIF...damn this week went by quick.

What did I do today???

1. Woke up, showered, Coffee.
2. Kiss my Wife and Daughter, off to work, FUCK!!!!
3. Browse a million sites like yooooszh...NT, ISS, Ebay, Blog, OTW, HighSnobiety, Hundreds, In4mation, etc....
4. Work.
5. Listen to complaints, QUIT YOUR BITCHIN!!! DAMN!!!
6. Lunch, Nap.
7. Work.
8. Continue to Browse.
9. Bloggin........
10. Almost time to bounce, GET THE FUCK OUTA HERE!!!!!!

See ya next week, unless there's somethin good to Blog about.



1 comment:

dunksrnice said...

rough day at work?