Sunday, June 15, 2008

Food For Thought

I woke up this morning to a fresh smell of Breakfast, I mean "woke up" meaning my wife, with daughter in her arm, and a fresh plate of M&M pancakes, and coffee........the best Father's Day gift!!!! So to all you daddy's out there, Happy Father's Day!!!!

What I had for lunch yesterday, my homie Peterock told me about this place, I've been going to a couple local places, but this one is damn near down the street from me, so if you're in SSF, go to El Farolito on Grand Ave, get a Super Carne Asada Burrito, you wont be disappointed!!!!

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Albert "Albeeeezy" Huynh said...

What up CRIS! Thanks for the love fam... your now on my blogroll. Loving the blog btw..stay up.