Friday, April 24, 2009

Rep Your City

I just found these tees at my in-laws sittin' in one of my boxes, they released maybe 4-5 years ago, Nike "Bumper Sticker" tees: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Hawaii, Las Vegas, & Portland. I have them up for sale for $40 shipped, USD (each), all size XL, brand new with tags.....hit me up:

"SAN FRAN." SOLD!!!!!!!!!
"ILL AY." SOLD!!!!!!!!!
"808 STATE." SOLD!!!!!!!!!


jitiola said...

Shooooot, you got email bro!

lilMITE87 said...

Yo, Cris when you gone let me git some of them stickers?

crisone said...

^ On my next run....I ran out.