Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ah Shoots

Yes, yes......after waiting for like 2 months, I finally got my T1i. It's an upgrade from my Xti which has "Live-View" and can shoot HD Videos. I'm still in the works of messing with it, but not really different from the previous 2 models, no videos shot, but will do in the future.

Bottom-right is one pic snapped with the T1i, using a Tamron 28-75 Lens in Monochrome.


Gabriel D. said...

good ish on that camera equipment bro. btw, on that lot of stickers you posted on the sticker bomb thread, how much are you looking for?

are you selling the nike stickers too? please let me know! thankss!

btw, i was actually the one that bought your sticker sheet from your first bomb of your powerbook haha

dunksrnice said...

Nice pick up.

crisone said... the future, a Full-Frame is next, Gabriel, hit me up if you see this:

JuKeBox said...

Nice Set up Cris! Lookin to upgrade the XT soon