Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Love Hate

What's good world.....this is just a little post on showing "Love" or showing "Hate." Either way, it gets respect from myself, so I broke it down into 2 categories to express the situation at hand.

- First off, thanks to all who showed me nothing but Love since day one, my close homies, homies that I've met, random emails giving me props, no need to name drop, but the "known" co's/people that showed love, etc. I'm highly thankful.

- Also, thanks to you as well, your feedback actually makes me stronger, the criticism given is used as an essential tool. I've had my handful of hateful replies, emails, etc. but it doesn't bother me none, I see it as your honest opinion, and I respect that. A good example of this act is in my "Say Word" Shout out box below on the right, this "Guest" obviously has "hate" towards me and I see his/her comments comedy honestly, ie. "Fat, Fag, Dork, Self-aggrandizing, Egocentric, Pig, immigrated fat meatball sized head (this is a good one), etc... Ok, cool. You can say all that you want, it's not going to break me none, I see it as pure comedy, also calling my stuff "nonsense", well, nonsense helped me have the things I've acquired, feed and clothe my kids, pay my Mortgage and Bills, so I'm all for this "nonsense." And If my posting on NT "makes you sick", once you see my thread and/or replies, close your eyes and keep scrolling, or reply with what you say here, that's all, simple. So I'm going to end this now, to all you "haters", keep doing what you do, because I'm going to keep doing what I do.

Show "Love" or "Hate"??? Go ahead and leave a comment, I'll get my popcorn ready.

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