Thursday, August 13, 2009


This is my Daughter Brianna, she's 2 yrs. old, time flies so fast it seems like I was just holding her in my arms when she was born, this has been said a lot, but coming from a Parent, it's true. She's starting to grow, words are coming about, just hearing, "Daddy....." I already melt, so this is just a little dedication to my Lovely, "Bri-Bri."

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sarapbuhay said...

so beautiful. They are such a blessing for the Lord... brosef, take every advantage of smothering her now because when she gets older... your going to miss it! my baby is now 7 and she is so independent, it makes me sad. Hanna Montana, Taylor swift, Jonas brothers and all those other Disney dummys have clouded daddys space!! lol